Xpert-60 Tyre Detailing Creme

Xpert-60 Car Tyre Detailing Crème 225gm

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Super-fast ‘wet-look’ dressing.

Xpert-60 Car Tyre Detailing Crème 225gm

Xpert-60 Car Tyre Detailing Crème 225gm is a super-fast ‘wet-look’ dressing
• Latest innovation in coatings technology for quick & easy detailing of tyres and rubber.
• Superior silicone creme delivers long lasting, high gloss, low-tack dressing.
• Applicator sponge is clean to use and reduces messy fling on wheels and arches.
• Fantastic economy; one 225g container details 80 tyres!

For best results ensure tyre walls are clean and dry.
Remove tab seal from container.
Pick-up a small amount of Creme onto the applicator pad.
Wipe around the tyre wall in a circular motion ensuring even coverage.
Re-apply for extra gloss.

Suitable for use only on car tyre walls.
Remove any excess Creme from tyre tread before driving the vehicle.

Code: XP-90017


For additional information see Safety Data Sheet

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